Hooga Firepots & Planter Boxes

Firepots & Planter Boxes

HOOGA Firepots

A heavy-duty comeback of Grandad’s wick-powered kerosene flares from the 70s, these are a step up in candle power and will hold their own in a decent blow. Pack them tight with split dry timber, add firelighters or a safe measure of kero. Then whoompha. Sold in pairs.

  • Pot diameter: 200mm
  • Pot depth: 275mm
  • Stand height: 900mm

$295/pair + freight.

Planter Boxes

Is it a rustic looking planter box, a bullet proof toy box or a wood stash for keeping HOOGA fuel on hand? No-one really knows its true purpose, but we know you’ll find an application for this utilitarian piece of cubism somewhere, somehow. To be sure.

Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm x 600mm

$370 each
$660 for two + freight.


I love the way you can move this fire. We can HOOGA up just about anywhere!

Having a HOOGA seems to have become an institution round here. Thanks guys!